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  • National Adult Day Services Conference

    nadsa-logoVan Products is excited about the National Adult Day Services Conference this August 19 – 21.  The event will be held in Raleigh and is centered on the theme “Get Smart: Strategies for Success in 2010 & Beyond.”

    This event will provide a great opportunity to connect with people throughout the mobility impaired community, both those who are physically handicapped and those who are a part of their lives.  There will be chances to learn about upcoming and innovative mobility solutions that can make life more comfortable and accessible, as well as chances to socialize among people with shared interests and values.

    Technology to Improve Mobility

    At Van Products, we look forward to hearing about the other people, groups and organizations that are participating in this event from those who attend.

    At the Conference, attendees will explore and learn about new technology that improves mobility and simplifies life for those who are physically handicapped, but beyond that there will be a focus on the importance of striking a balanced lifestyle that considers health, safety and happiness, something Van Products values as well.

    Pathway to Person-Centeredness

    One of the discussion groups during the event is called the “Pathway to Person-Centeredness” and focuses on this: implement practices that consider what is important to people and what is important for them. In discussions like this throughout each day, people involved in the physically handicapped world will have a chance to share experiences and insights as well as build community.

    We think the community in Raleigh and the Triangle and those who rely on our products and services will gain a lot through the upcoming National Adult Day Services Conference.

    Van Products is excited to hear about your experience if you attend the conference, so let us know what your favorite part was here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

  • Connect with Van Products on Social Media

    van-products-logo-facebookOver the past few months, we have been exploring the best ways to connect with our community, whether direct outreach, talking with our customers or attending handicap and wheelchair van related events.

    So as our next step, we’ve decided to dive right into social media. We want to be as available to you as possible, to answer questions, give shout outs, highlight exciting news in the physically handicapped community or connect people to the products and services they need, so here we are!

    'Like' Van Products on Facebook!

    We’ve had a Facebook page up for some time, so we hope you’ll continue to go there and see updates from our friends and customers as well as to find out about what we’re involved in: Durham Bulls games, national wheelchair related conferences, or sponsoring a local success-story!

    You can also visit us on Twitter to get news and events updates, fun facts and learn more about who we are and what we do.  Our blog will cover everything from wheelchair related organizations to news stories, from stories you send us to new products we have available.

    More Ways to Engage with Van Products on Social Media

    These pages are most exciting to us as a potential forum for discussion, interaction and engagement between Van Products, the headquarters for the physically challenged, and the rest of the community- our customers and those whose lives physical impairment impacts.

    We see this as an opportunity to educate the social networking communities of what is available for those with mobility impairment. By using Facebook and Twitter as resources to connect, we can pass the word that there are great options available and wonderful opportunities to get involved.  Life is a moving experience, and also a social one, so Van Products is here to take part in both!

  • Giving Mobility Back to the Immobile

    When a tragedy strikes that ends up with an individual losing their mobility it is devastating. Once the shock passes then there are many decisions that have to be made and finding an alternate source of mobility such as wheelchairs and transportation is a priority.

    Fortunately Van Products has the expertise and solutions readily at hand.  The staff is aware of the hardship that the individual and their family faces, and are well trained in knowing what the best mobility solutions are for many circumstances.

    2014 Toyota Sienna XLE

    Finding the Best Wheelchair Van

    For most people, the first consideration is finding a wheelchair suitable to meet their needs, but mobility extends past that initial solution.  Having the ability to effectively make use of wheelchair transportation that will allow a greater range of travel opens doors and gives freedom in a powerful way.

    An example of one of these options is a wheelchair-accessible van, such as the BraunAbility minivans offered by Van Products.  These vans give you the ability to get around with ease, or help a family member who is mobility impaired access the vehicle.  Van Products’ priority is making life affordable for the mobility impaired and as easy and natural as possible; we would be happy to show you these and more options we have available.

    Wheelchair Vans for Rent

    For individuals who are recuperating from injuries or surgery and do not need to own a mobility van, we also provide the option of wheelchair van rentals that are specially equipped to accommodate each individual’s needs.  It is our goal that no person whose mobility is restricted should be unable to get out and get busy; whether you are attending a sporting event, a summer cookout or a special occasion, Van Products seeks to help you on your way.

    We pride ourselves in being proactive and we believe in promoting the overall well being of our clients, so our goal is to be innovative and engaged in community awareness efforts and events while providing convenient was to help those with mobility impairment have their independence.

  • Welcome to the Van Products Blog

    Welcome to the Van Products blog, a place for the physically handicapped community to read about exciting events and activities happening in North Carolina’s mobility impaired community as well as learn about ways Van Products can help you be as mobile as possible!


    Helping You Be Mobile Everywhere

    At Van Products, our motto is “Life is a moving experience. Our products and services help you go anywhere, anytime,” and we are dedicated to bringing that to life, both on our blog and in our community.  We love to get involved in the community however we can- by sponsoring teams, filling the handicap seats at sporting events, supporting individuals who have achieved great things like Ms. Wheelchair America, or members of the U.S. Paracanoe national team.

    We also are committed to our customers and have made a promise to serve them the best way possible, by offering products that can mobilize their lives, providing customer service members who are knowledgeable and welcome questions, and bringing our products and services to you at home.

    We hope you’ll enjoy this blog as a place to learn about fun things going on in North Carolina, to share in exciting successes in the mobility impaired world, and to connect with other people of shared values and interests. Drop us a line or leave us a note if there is anything you want us to talk about in here, or check us out on Facebook and Twitter! We can’t wait to connect with you!

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