Raleigh, NC (September 19, 2016) – 

Van Products is a proud sponsor of the ‘Back in the Woods Again‘ Hunt, an annual event aimed at providing disabled hunters with an opportunity to go hunting. This year, Van Products was excited to take a brand new Ford MXV SUV and outfit it in a customized camo wrap ahead of this year’s 6th Annual event, which took place September 16 – 17.

Starting off with a Clean Slate

Pictured below, the Ford MXV Started off white, but it soon received a custom camo wrap at Executive Signs & Graphics:

(Click on each image to view a larger size.)

Ford MXV Gets Custom Camo Wrap

In no time, the Ford MXV was completely transformed and ready for the Back in the Woods Again hunt. Take a look at the finished product below:

(Click on each image to view a larger size.)

About ‘Back in the Woods Again’

Founded by Tommy Estridge and Jerome Davis in late 2011, Back in the Woods Again is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed at providing disabled sportsmen and sportswomen with an opportunity to go hunting, despite being disabled. To accomplish this, Estridge and Davis partnered with private land owners in Chatham County, NC (as well as surrounding areas) in order to provide each of the disabled hunters with a great experience.


Wheelchair Accessibility on the Internet

by admin on September 19, 2016

When searching for wheelchair accessible or handicap accessible places on the Internet, you should ask yourself the following questions, and pay close attention to the answers you find!


Is there a wheelchair accessible entrance?

As the person: Having a wheelchair accessible entrance is important because it will let you know if you will need additional assistance getting into the establishment.

As the business: Businesses should only answer ‘Yes’ to this question if the wheelchair accessible entrance to the business is approximately one meter wide and does NOT have steps. If your business has one of more steps, you should have a permanent ramp. A moveable ramp is also acceptable. If your business has an entryway that only has revolving doors, you should always mark, ‘No’ to being wheelchair accessible.

Is there wheelchair accessible seating?

As the person: Especially if you are searching for a good place to eat dinner with family or friends, you always want to make sure that there are wheelchair accessible seating options. This ensures that you will have enough room to comfortably sit at and navigate the table.

As the business: Businesses should only answer ‘Yes’ if the main area of the business can be access entirely without stairs and there is enough space for someone in a wheelchair to comfortably sit at a table. For example, if your business only had pub height tables, it would not be considered “wheelchair-friendly”.

Is there wheelchair/handicap parking?

As the person: Having handicap or wheelchair accessible parking is important because of the proximity of the space to the place of business, but more importantly because wheelchair accessible spaces are wider to allow you to comfortably navigate getting into and out of your vehicle if needed.

As the business: Businesses should only answer ‘Yes’ if you actually have designated parking spots for those with mobility needs, marked by an official placard, sign, and/or painting on the ground.

Is there a wheelchair accessible elevator?

As the person: It is unrealistic to expect every business or place that you visit to be on one level. However, it is reasonable to expect that if a business deems itself ‘handicap-accessible’ and is located in a multi-level building – it should have a wheelchair-friendly elevator.

As the business: Businesses who are multi-storied and who claim to be wheelchair accessible should have an elevator that is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair + other passengers. If you do not have an elevator at all but have more than one story, you cannot claim to be wheelchair-friendly.


Top Things NOT to Say to Someone in a Wheelchair

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Bringing Freedom of Mobility to the Triangle

September 12, 2016

Since Van Products was founded in 1974, we have dedicated ourselves to providing high quality, wheelchair-accessible vehicles to the Triangle area. Whether you’re a former military member, or you’re a family member to someone who has a physical disability, we are committed to making your life more accessible. Providing Freedom of Mobility to the Triangle […]

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Benefits of Organizing Your Van for Business

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5 Ways to Make Your Commercial Upfit Safer

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Van Products Captures Title at Bridge II Sports Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

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Van Products is a proud sponsor of Bridge II Sports, an organization whose mission is to educate, develop and implement opportunities for youth and adults with physical disabilities to play individual, team and recreational sports. This year, we hosted a wheelchair basketball team at the August Madness Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, and we are proud to […]

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Handicap Accessible Ford Transit Connect Conversion

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As one of the leaders of new and used handicap vans and other wheelchair accessible vehicles in the Southeast United States, Van Products is proud to sell a newly converted Ford Transit Connect Van. About the Ford Transit Connect Conversion Van Built by Ford, we took the Ford Transit Connect Van and converted it to make […]

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6 NonProfit Organizations That Help Veterans

August 3, 2016

Nonprofits do so much to help people in need around the country. Here are several nonprofit organizations that are working hard to provide assistance and support to our nation’s veterans – both at home and abroad. Learn more about our Opportunities for Veterans to own wheelchair accessible vans. 6 Nonprofits Making a Difference in Veterans’ […]

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