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  • Wheelchair Vans & Handicap Accessibility

    Van Products is proud to be a leader in the sale of wheelchair vans in the Southeast. However, our inventory isn't only limited to handicap vans and vehicles. In fact, Van Products offers tons of other options in terms of mobility accessories and products!

    Improving Accessibility for Handicap Persons

    As you may already know, while wheelchair vans certainly help handicap persons get from Point A to Point B in their daily lives, there are other types of mobility products and accessories that really help to improve a person's mobility when they are in their home, at the office, or in the community, in general.

    So, what do these mobility products look like? Before we explore the types of mobility products we offer, consider the reasons why someone may need to take advantage of a mobility product. Commonly, it is the misperception that physical disabilities are those disabilities which are obvious to the naked eye. While this is true, there are those who have physical disabilities or mobility challenges that may not always be as obvious but which they may need a mobility product to help assist them.

    For example, someone who suffers from severe arthritis and cannot turn their neck fully may take advantage of a backup camera. Someone who has joint problems or arthritis in their hands may use hand controls. And someone who has had multiple knee replacements or who has trouble climbing stairs may use a stair lift.

    Besides this, there are some people who may need the use of mobility products or vehicles due to temporary physical disabilities, such as outpatient rehab, recovery from a major surgery, or a broken bone.

    2014 Toyota Sienna XLE

    Converting Your Current Vehicle to be Handicap Accessible

    Do you have a current van or truck that you're thinking of converting to be more handicap accessible? You're not alone. If you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle but already have a van or truck, it is possible to convert your vehicle to become wheelchair accessible. To get started, speak with one of our mobility specialists. They'll be happy to walk you through the conversion process.

    Effective, Custom Mobility Features

    What helps to set Van Products apart from the competition is that our wheelchair vans and vehicles each feature unique and effective non-slip ramps and automatic kneeling systems. We also offer choices between side and rear entry for all of our handicap vehicles - all of this making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle compared with keeping your van/vehicle in its original state.

    Drive in Comfort

    One of the mobility features we are most proud of with our handicap vans is our floor level feature for handicap drivers. Often, wheelchair vans are disproportionate, leaving the driver too low to the ground or the wheelchair passenger in the back seat too high to see out of the front window.

    By leveling out the ground and lifting the front seats, wheelchair passengers can see out of the front window while the driver remains at a comfortable height.

    For more information about converting your current van or truck to be handicap accessible, or if you have additional questions about any of our conversion van features or options, contact one of our mobility specialists today.

  • Mobility Caregiver Tips: Making Your Home Wheelchair Friendly

    Renovating a home for wheelchair accessibility can seem handicap accessibilityoverwhelming, but Van Products offers a few tips on how you can turn a challenge into an opportunity to create freedom of movement in, around and out of the home for a wheelchair user.

    Ramps are important Most homes have steps toward an entrance. Installing front, side and even back ramps will give a wheelchair user greater opportunities for independence. Be sure to screen contractors and ramp providers carefully to get a long-lasting and safe product.

    Smooth floors, ease of flow between rooms Remove all loose rugs and carpets, and check transitions between rooms for ease of movement and safety. Study the furniture placement, and use a chair to test the width of different pathways in the home.

    Check your bathroom for function Roll-in showers are available for purchase, or a plumber may be able to adapt your current shower. Specially made bathtubs, with a rise of just a few inches, are examples of products available for ease of use. These kinds of tubs fill and empty water quickly.

    Access to technology, the basicsmobility products Use universal remote controls for televisions and other electronic devices. Adding “Clapper” devices to turn lights on and off will also allow wheelchair users control of conditions when entering or exiting a room.

    Check your dining arrangement Arrange your seating to create space and ease of movement for a wheelchair around your table and kitchen area so the wheelchair user can assist with meal preparation and cleanup, if they so choose.

    Getting from one place to another inside or outside the home doesn’t have to be challenging or frustrating. Explore the opportunities that wheelchair vans can provide. Whether you decide to rent a van or purchase, let Van Products assist you.

  • Tips for Making Your Home Wheelchair Accessible

    As the holidays arrive, often they bring with them fun parties and family reunions that can ring in the season with excitement, but also can provide unexpected difficulties for those in need of wheelchair accessibility. For the family and friends in your life who are in need of handicapped accessibility, whether just coming for a visit, or moving in as you become a caretaker, it will make a world of difference to alter your home to be wheelchair accessible.

    This can seem like an overwhelming project, so we have put together some resources for you as you plan your changes.  Easily accessible, well built options will, needless to say, mean the world to your wheelchair-bound loved one.

    Make Your Bathroom Wheelchair Accessible

    • Replace your bathtub with a shower or walk-in tub that can be easily accessed without fear of slipping or the challenge of climbing over an edge. Showers are the best option for wheelchairs, but walk in tubs can be an alternative for those with less limited mobility.
    • Add handrails, grab-bars and seating areas. Fitting your shower with a movable seat and hand-held shower head makes bathing easier and gives the option of autonomy, and handrails ensure safety on slippery floors.

    Making your Home Handicapped Accessible

    • Both structural and non-structural changes may need to be made to accomodate a wheelchair. For example, measure the width of the wheelchair and the doorframes in your home to determine if you’ll need to extend them or build a double door. Non-structurally, you may need to rearrange furniture and room set-up so that a wheelchair can maneuver more easily.

    Handicapped accessibility for your home is a necessity for anyone with an live-in member of the handicapped community and a great idea for those with family or friends who are wheelchair-bound.  For questions about other resources that may be helpful for you during this transition, or about our wheelchair van or mobility options, drop us a note today!

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