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  • 5 Tips for Traveling Memorial Day Weekend by Vehicle

    In this blog post, we share some helpful tips and information for wheelchair users who plan to travel by vehicle this Memorial Day.

    #1 - Consider Wheelchair Van Rental.

    Thinking of heading out of town for a Memorial Day weekend trip with the family or friends? Consider renting a wheelchair van instead of driving your own. Renting a wheelchair van can save you from putting additional wear and tear on your own personal vehicle, plus it can be a nice way to enjoy some newer, upgraded features that you may have not yet seen in newer makes/models of wheelchair vans.

    Learn more about wheelchair van rental from Van Products.


    #2 - Know Where Accessible Pick-up/Drop-Off Locations Are.

    Especially if you’re traveling to a new place for the first time by wheelchair van – it’s helpful to know where all of the accessible pick-up and drop-off locations are. Be sure to research this information ahead of time, and call ahead if you are unsure or have questions.

    You’ll want to make sure that the handicap accessible pick-up and drop-off locations are able to accept different types of wheelchair vans, such as rear-entry wheelchair vans as well as side-entry wheelchair vans.

    Learn more about rear entry wheelchair vans and side entry wheelchair vans.


    #3 - Put Your Name On Wheelchair & Related Mobility Items.

    The same way you would label your luggage before flying or traveling somewhere – so should you do the same with your wheelchair, scooter or other separate mobility equipment.

    It may also be helpful to take inventory of the mobility equipment and accessories that you’ll need to bring with you prior to leaving on your Memorial Day trip.


    #4 - Bring Extra Gear/Equipment with You.

    There’s a popular saying that “you can never be too prepared”. It’s true! Within reason, bring any extra mobility gear or equipment that you think you may need. The last thing you want to have happen is for something to break, get lost or stolen and not have an easily accessible backup close at hand.


    #5 - Research & Plan Ahead of Time.

    It's always helpful to do your research and planning ahead of time, including researching places to get your wheelchair (or other mobility equipment) repaired if you're out and about in another city/state.

    In the event that something happens to your wheelchair, wheelchair van or other mobility equipment, you can save yourself precious vacation time doing research and more time seeing the sights.


    It's always better to be safe than sorry!




  • 3 Things to Consider When Renting a Wheelchair Van

    Van Products proudly offers a number of different styles, makes, and models of wheelchair vans for rent (or for purchase). If you're considering renting a wheelchair van for the first time, the following are some things you should consider first.

    3 Considerations When Renting a Wheelchair Van

    #1 - The Height of the Wheelchair Van

    When it comes to renting a wheelchair van, height matters. Knowing the wheelchair user’s height/weight as well as knowing the dimensions of the wheelchair (or any other mobility equipment) will help you determine how easily you may be able to enter, exit and/or maneuver within the wheelchair van.

    Knowing the height of the wheelchair van as well as other dimensions of the wheelchair van will also help you figure out whether a particular make/model of wheelchair van is better suited for your specific mobility needs or whether customizations need to be made.

    #2 – Knowing Whether to Rent vs. Buy

    Are you recovering from an injury or illness that has left you temporarily disabled? Do you have a family member coming to visit from out of town who is physically disabled or needs special accommodations for getting around?

    When researching wheelchair van rentals, it is important to be aware of your situation and what your specific needs may be. You may determine that you only need a temporary solution, or you may find out that it makes more sense to purchase a new or used wheelchair van.

    If you’re on the fence about whether to rent versus buy a wheelchair van – or if you’re just not sure , we encourage you to speak with one of our mobility specialists. They’ll walk you through the process of renting a wheelchair van, and they’ll help you determine (based on your situation) whether it makes sense to rent a handicap van.

    #3 – Familiarize Yourself with the Wheelchair Van Rental Agreement

    This includes items such as: wheelchair van rental restrictions, additional fees and tax rates, and other wheelchair van rental rates and terms.

    For instance, many wheelchair van rental agreements have daily, weekly, monthly and special offers. Be aware of any fine print, and make sure you have a list of any questions or concerns you may have – this way you can get them answered before you sign any agreements.

    Also make sure you know a little information about the wheelchair van you plan to rent as well as the company renting it to you.

    Simple questions to keep in mind:

    • What are the wheelchair van rental rates?
    • How many people can the wheelchair van seat?
    • Will the wheelchair van come with a full tank of gas?
    • What special assistance is offered?
    • Is there a delivery/pick-up service? What’s the cost?

    For more information about wheelchair vans for rent, contact Van Products today by calling: 800-209-6133.

  • 6 Reasons to Rent a Wheelchair Van This Spring

    image by by The Wandering Angel on flickr ccSpring is here, and with it is warmer weather and open roads. There's no better time than now to rent a wheelchair van for your next road trip. Below, we are giving you ten reasons to rent a wheelchair van this season.

    6 Reasons To Rent a Wheelchair Van

    #1 - Try before you buy.

    There's no better way to test out a wheelchair van than by renting it first. Renting a wheelchair van gives you an opportunity to play around with different features as well as get a feel for how the van handles while it's on the road.

    #2 - Save on miles.

    Perhaps you already own a wheelchair van. Maybe you don't. Regardless of your vehicle situation, renting a wheelchair van saves you from putting unnecessary miles on your personal vehicle. This can save you time and money in otherwise costly repairs down the line.

    #3 - Go where your personal vehicle can't.

    Renting a vehicle, like a wheelchair SUV, can take you places your regular, personal vehicle simply can't. Check out the Braunability MXV for starters!

    #4 - Rent a wheelchair van for business.

    Whether you're going on a business trip, or entertaining prospective clients who have special needs, renting a wheelchair van gives you the flexibility you need to help you and your guests travel in comfort.

    #5 - Travel in style.

    Choose to rent a newer model of wheelchair van to reap all of the benefits of driving a new wheelchair accessible van without having to actually own it. If you like it, you can always buy it later!

    #6 - Van Troubles? We've got you covered.

    Before you rent, ask us about your coverage. When you rent a wheelchair van with us, we take care of you should you encounter any issues with your rental.

    Your Proven Leader in Wheelchair Van Rental!

    At Van Products, we offer one of the largest selections of wheelchair rental vans to suit a wide range of mobility needs. Whether you need a rear entry wheelchair van, hand controls, specific types of automotive seating, or other upfits, our mobility specialists are here to help you make the most educated choice as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.

    Find out more about renting a wheelchair van with us!

  • Wheelchair Van Rental: Getting Things Rolling

    rent wheelchair vanDisabled individuals face various challenges when it comes to public transportation.  What would be a quick trip to the grocery store for the average individual can become a several-hour journey.  From coordinating rides and waiting to be picked up, to accessing buildings and negotiating crowds, it’s tough to get around for many who are in wheelchairs.  Even getting to doctor visits and clinics can be a constant burden.

    Fortunately, most buses and other public transportation provides wheelchair or handicapped access, and some private organizations are able are able to do pick ups and drop offs. Van Products mobility vans makes it easy and convenient to bring freedom to you and your family. With two locations in Wilmington and Raleigh, our goal is help physically challenged residents in North Carolina. Van Products has a variety of both commercial and personal lifts, wheelchair accessible vehicles, hand controls, ramps and many other accessibility-oriented products.

    Additionally, we have a rental service called Wheelchair Getaways, where you can rent vans by the day, week, month, or longer. We also have convenient delivery and pick up for when you're done! Service is our priority, so when we can, we come to you. The scooter and wheelchair accessible vans are perfect for medical visits, special occasions, going to sporting events, or for a weekend getaway!

    Van Products accommodates you as much as possible, offering easy-to-use hand controls, wheelchair tie downs, automotive style seating, stair lifts, wheelchair platform lifts, and scooter lifts.  Let us know how we can help you - we’d love to get things rolling. Drop us a note!

  • Wheelchair Van Giveaway!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

    We hope you are all enjoying a wonderful holiday season with family and friends that is full of love. We value you - our friends, our community - and want to give back this holiday season by offering you the chance to win a free wheelchair van getaway for a weekend! You'll get to try out one of our vans for a weekend and take a fun getaway without having to worry about the challenges of wheelchair accessibility. There are 5 days left to enter, so visit our Holiday Getaway Giveaway page on Facebook and submit your entry! All you'll need to do is upload a picture of your favorite trip and a little story about it. Let us know why you should win! We'll have a round of voting from December 31st until January 6th and then the winner will be announced on January 7th! We can't wait to see your pictures and hear your stories so enter today!

  • Wheelchair Accessibility and Community Headlines

    "What Do We Call 'Em?" - An interesting article about the idea of moving to use appropriate language based on the Americans with Disabilities Act.  At Van Products, we just want to have honest, straight forward conversations - what do you think is appropriate? Efforts to Send Wheelchair to Costa Rica - A Dallas couple works with a missions team through a local church to help a family in Costa Rica by providing a wheelchair for their daughter who has cerebral palsy. Life is a Moving Experience - Van Products is committed to keeping your life moving. Drop us a note here to learn more about options for you! Extra Obstacles Face Disabled Drivers - A 24 year old Mississippi student talks about her challenge to gain a drivers license in spite of her spina bifida.

  • Handicapped Accessibility and Wheelchair Vans

    Though Van Products was created to make transportation easier for those in wheelchairs, our services are not limited to handicap accessible vans and wheelchair accessible vehicles.  We offer many other options as well as options within the wheelchair van group of products. Many people find themselves in need of wheelchair accessibility but already have a vehicle, often a van or truck that they desire to keep. Since purchasing a vehicle is expensive and selling one is difficult, we offer conversion features and solutions so that you can convert your van into a wheelchair van or convert your truck into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Our vans and conversion features are unique and effective, including a non-slip ramp and an automatic kneeling system built into the van. This means that if you have a Van Products wheelchair accessible van, it will be significantly easier to enter and exit than many other options, such as keeping your van in its original state. The other feature we are most proud of is the floor level. Many times, wheelchair vans are disproportionate, leaving the driver too low to the ground or the wheelchair passenger in the back seat too high to see out the front window. Instead, we level out the ground and lift the front seats so that the wheelchair passenger can see out the front window and the driver remains at a comfortable height. In addition to the wheelchair conversion offerings, Van Products has features to make your home wheelchair accessible. Get in touch to learn more about how Van Products can keep your life moving.

  • Wheelchair Vans: Life is a Moving Experience

    Whether moving around one’s home or traveling the world, mobility should be a part of each person’s life no matter their circumstances.  At Van Products, our motto is “Life is a moving experience,” and our goal is to help those who are physically handicapped or in a wheelchair go anywhere, anytime.  Our company was started by a family, so our goal is to treat each customer like family as well, helping solve their mobility problems by guiding them through their wheelchair accessible van options.  We want to help each person find the handicap accessible van that fits their needs the best. Whether you are looking for a used wheelchair van made by Toyota or a new handicap van made by Honda, Van Products will help you find a solution. We also have the option to rent a wheelchair accessible van for any length of time. If you are recovering from an injury that has limited your mobility and need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, we can get you to and from your rehabilitation visits as long as you need us to. We know there are many people who need a wheelchair van in North Carolina, so we have offices in Raleigh and Wilmington. We also know it is a big decision to buy a wheelchair accessible van, so that is why we offer rental van options as well as used vans.  Someone from our Van Products team will be happy to show you an in-home demo as well as bring your van to you. We value our family of customers, so we want to treat them like it. For wheelchair accessible vans in North Carolina and other handicap accessible features in Raleigh or Wilmington, drop Van Products a note!

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Innovating to Meet Your Unique Needs

    At Van Products, we pride ourselves on our strong history of personalized service. Having helped increase mobility and quality of life for handicapped people by not only providing wheelchair accessible vans in Raleigh and across North Carolina for over 20 years, but also by staying a part of our customers’ community and life and helping with their vans in whatever way they need. We have seen and introduced many innovations in this time, and intend on staying at the forefront of creative solutions! Though we sell and rent handicap accessible vans, we also have a strong van conversion system – one of the best in the world. Our wheelchair accessible vans’ sliding doors open easily and reliably with just a light touch of a button done via switches in the interior, or by a keychain remote. We also offer an auto-kneeling function, allowing the van to automatically lower, drastically reducing the slope of the ramp and easing access to the vehicle. Over the years we have researched and tested one of the most important parts of wheelchair accessible vans – the ramp. The improvements to this device are clear. Our latest range of ramps is made from a lightweight aluminum that gracefully extends to offer an easy access to the vehicle. Now we have two options – an Infloor and a Foldout ramp. Each can be operated manually in the case of a power failure, and offer an unparalleled smoothness and elegance. One of the most important parts of a wheelchair accessible van is the height and headroom afforded to the wheelchair passenger, and our improved designs have led to some of the lowest floors available in the word. Our wheelchair vans’ floors are up to 10” lower than you would find in a standard mini-van, offering comfort and an excellent view. At Van Products, we will continue to innovate, improve, and offer you the premium options for mobility on the market. We are proud of our achievements, and we will continue to work at excelling in providing world-class mobility solutions in the future. Want to come take a look at some of our options? Give us a call or drop us a note, we’re happy to answer any questions!

  • Rental Wheelchair Vans: Giving You Options

    People like options. Whether we’re talking about entertainment or going shopping, people like having the ability to choose.

    You’d be shocked if you went to the grocery store and found online one flavor of jelly sold, or if you turned on the TV and there was just one channel to watch, right?

    Creative Choices; More Mobility Options

    At Van Products, we’ve come up with a creative way to offer you choices, because we want you to feel free to explore your options.

    One way we do this is by supplying a variety of van types. Another way we do this is by offering a rental van option, so you have the option to test out the wheelchair accessible van experience before making a final decision.

    Our goal is to adapt to your handicap accessibility needs, so that is why we have vans designed specifically for wheelchair accessibility as well as the choice to test, rent, or purchase. We know that buying a wheelchair van is a big decision, so for people unsure of the benefits, or those who are only temporarily in need, a handicap accessible van rental can be a great option.

    They are also ideal for traveling and excursions, shopping trips, or medical visits.  We’ll also deliver and pick-up your rental van at your doorstep, sparing you the hassle of getting to and from Van Products on your own.

    Improving Quality of Life with Wheelchair Transportation

    Wheelchair transportation such as this has the potential to improve quality of life and keep it the moving experience it should be. We’re flexible and would love to talk you through your options - whether you are purchasing a van, renting one on a daily, weekly, monthly or longer-term basis, or simply want to learn. Drop Van Products a note and let us know how we can help you!

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