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  • Wilmington Gets Visit from Miss Wheelchair NC

    madeline-delp-bwWhen Madeline Delp was just ten years old, she was in a vehicle that was struck by a truck, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. In spite of this, Madeline never let her disability stop her ability to succeed.

    Now, as Miss Wheelchair NC USA 2017, Madeline recently visited Wilmington, NC to speak at a medical conference.

    Adjusting to a New Reality

    In an interview with NBC affiliate, WECT, Madeline admitted to struggling with her 'new reality' before finally turning a corner during her teenage years. It was then that she decided to use her disability to help others who faced similar situations.

    How can I be that change in the world that I want to see? So I started to get this idea of…how can I change myself and how can I inspire others to do the same?

    Spreading Awareness About Disabilities

    Being wheelchair-bound hasn't slowed Madeline down in the least. Her current pursuits include traveling throughout the country, making public appearances and spreading her idea of “living boundless,” regardless of injury or condition.

    As part of her efforts to raise awareness about disabilities, Madeline is also in the process of filming, Live Boundless, a 24-part video series where Madeline teaches others how to live and thrive with their handicap.

    Madeline will return to Wilmington in next month to begin filming the series.

    [via WECT and UNCA]

  • International Wheelchair Day

    International Wheelchair Day is March 1st.


    The day was launched in 2008 by a man named Steve Wilkinson.

    ... and since then it has grown in popularity with countries across Africa and Asia taking part, as well as the UK, USA and Australia.

    About Steve Wilkinson

    Steve Wilkinson was born with Spina Bifida in 1953, and has used a wheelchair for most of his life, devotes his life to his mission to make the world more accessible for other wheelchair users and people with non-standard needs. In 2008, he took to Google to find out whether there was a national day to recognize the rights of wheelchair users and those with mobility issues – there wasn’t.

    The Aims of International Wheelchair Day:

    • To enable wheelchair users to celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has in their lives.
    • To celebrate the great work of the many millions of people who provide wheelchairs, who provide support and care for wheelchair users and who make the World a better and more accessible place for people with mobility issues.
    • To acknowledge and react constructively to the fact there are many tens of millions of people in the World who need a wheelchair, but are unable to acquire one.


    On FB: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalWheelchairDay/





  • Bringing Freedom of Mobility to the Triangle

    image-by-mesaba-flickr-ccSince Van Products was founded in 1974, we have dedicated ourselves to providing high quality, wheelchair-accessible vehicles to the Triangle area.

    Whether you're a former military member, or you're a family member to someone who has a physical disability, we are committed to making your life more accessible.

    Providing Freedom of Mobility to the Triangle

    The advance of technology has brought us a long way in terms of accessibility and affordability, and today, there are more options than ever for those with physical disabilities to live more independently. From home automation to mobility products, such as stair lifts, scooters, and more- physically disabled persons no longer have to view their disability as a barrier to doing what they want to do.

    At Van Products, we are proud to sell certified pre-owned and new handicap vans. We only sell handicap vans that are from trusted brands, and we will only sell certified used handicap vans that have passed through a stringent quality assurance and safety test.

    From Our Family to Yours

    Unlike some handicap van dealers, we truly know and understand our audience. Our team of wheelchair van specialists in Raleigh (and in our Wilmington location) know what it's like to be disabled - either because they themselves are faced with a mobility challenge, or they have relatives or friends who are faced with mobility challenges of their own.

    Having said that, we are familiar and empathetic to the types of challenges that physically disabled persons face - especially when it comes to having what they need inside of their vehicle and outside in order to get themselves from Point A to Point B.

    We encourage you to stop by our Raleigh showroom today. Our showroom is interactive, and it will give you the chance to test out different mobility features for a variety of wheelchair vans that we carry.

    Have trouble making it to our Raleigh or Wilmington showroom? Talk to one of our mobility specialists, and we'll arrange an in-home wheelchair van demonstration.

    Freedom to Travel Where You Want, When You Want

    Don't let a physical disability be a barrier to you being able to do the things you want. At Van Products, we're here to help make sure your wheelchair van moves you wherever you want to go.

    Contact us today.

  • Making Home More Accessible for Wheelchair Users

    Today, more than ever, mobility products are making homes more accessible for those who are wheelchair bound or who suffer from physical disabilities.

    Prevalence of Disabilities in the United States

    by comedy_nose on flickr cc

    Thanks to modern technology, much has changed throughout the last decade, allowing for greater freedom of mobility in those with physical ailments and mobility challenges. From injured veterans to children, to aging parents, disability is diverse and affects a wide population.

    According to the American Community Survey (ACS) Disability Statistics:

    In 2012, the prevalence of disability in the United States was:

    • 50% for people ages 75+
    • 25% for people ages 65-74
    • 10.4% for people ages 21-64
    • 5.5% for people ages 16-20
    • 5.3% for people ages 5-15
    • 0.8% for people ages 4 and under

    Ambulatory Disabilities & Wheelchair Accessible Homes

    Of the different types of disabilities identified by the ACS survey, the one with the highest prevalence was ambulatory disability at 6.9%. Those who have physical disabilities or have a hard time moving around on their own face a number of challenges, particularly as it relates to independent living. Mobility products, like the kind that Van Products offers, are helping Americans navigate their home, vehicle, and workplace easier than ever.

    An aging adult may not be able to move up and down the stairs in his/her home as easily as they once used to. There is a very real fear of falling and getting injured, or even being able to perform everyday tasks - from washing the dishes to doing a load of laundry. Additionally, for those who live in older homes, doorways and bathrooms may not be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. This has forced some with physical disabilities to seek different, more accommodating housing.

    At Van Products, our mobility product line includes everything from customized residential stair lifts to wheelchair platform lifts, and more. Mobility products, like these, allow physically disabled persons to maintain their independence, improve their mobility, and remain safe.

    Improved Mobility with Wheelchair Vans

    While stair lifts, widened doorways, and wheelchair ramps can improve mobility within and around the home, Van Products also specializes in the sale, purchase and rental of quality wheelchair vans. Customers may choose from a wide variety of wheelchair vans, customized to suit their specific mobility challenges and needs.

    Handicapped vans offer a way for disabled individuals and families to travel independently outside of the home. With handicap vans comes even more increased freedom of mobility to transport yourself where you want, when you want, without restriction. This kind of mobility is far more advanced than the options that were once available years ago. That said, Van Products strives to make homes more accessible for wheelchair users by providing mobility options that are safe, easy to use, and are able to change and adapt to the various ambulatory needs of each person.

    For additional information on any of our mobility products, or for questions about our wheelchair vans, contact us today.

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