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  • VP's Seth Frankoff To Play for Chicago Cubs

    We would like to congratulate former Van Products employee, Seth Frankoff, on being called up to play for the Chicago Cubs!

    After playing for West Raleigh, Apex High School, and UNC Wilmington, Seth has finally realized his dream of being a major league pitcher!

    From all of us at Van Products, we'd like to congratulate Seth and wish him the best of luck as in his baseball career.

    Read more about this major announcement here.



  • You Sell Wheelchair Vans? A Little Bit About Who We Actually Are

    We’ve told you a bit about what we do and what we’re passionate about, but we thought we’d let you know who Van Products really is and where we came from.  We want to get to know you better, so hopefully this will let you get to know us a little better!

    Here are the facts:

    We provide mobility solutions for people who have disabilities, mainly in the form of wheelchair vans. We see our main goal as giving people the opportunity to keep life the moving experience it was meant to be!

    We love getting involved with our community- so, whether it is saying hello at an event or by sharing your story on our blog, we want to hear from you.

    Here is the history:

    Raleigh native William Wendt, Sr. founded Van Products’ parent company over 50 years ago, and since 1974 we’ve been functioning to meet the needs of physically handicapped people.  We know it can be frustrating to feel limited or immobile, so over the past 30 years we’ve been committed to offering specially designed modes of transportation that can accommodate wheelchairs.

    Since day one, Van Products has been driven to innovate and build relationships so that needs are being met and people don’t have to worry about getting service for their wheelchair accessible vans, no matter where they are or what the circumstances are!  Even it it means doing a demo at your home or if you are just interested in testing a wheelchair van through our rental service, we’ll talk you through the options.

    As technology develops and wheelchair vans gain the sleekness of design and functionality, Van Products looks forward to serving the wheelchair community and making sure that no matter your circumstances, whether in physical therapy to recover from injury or if you've been in a wheelchair from birth, you will feel taken care of!

    Let us know how we can come alongside you, we can’t wait to hear from you!

  • Connect with Van Products on Social Media

    van-products-logo-facebookOver the past few months, we have been exploring the best ways to connect with our community, whether direct outreach, talking with our customers or attending handicap and wheelchair van related events.

    So as our next step, we’ve decided to dive right into social media. We want to be as available to you as possible, to answer questions, give shout outs, highlight exciting news in the physically handicapped community or connect people to the products and services they need, so here we are!

    'Like' Van Products on Facebook!

    We’ve had a Facebook page up for some time, so we hope you’ll continue to go there and see updates from our friends and customers as well as to find out about what we’re involved in: Durham Bulls games, national wheelchair related conferences, or sponsoring a local success-story!

    You can also visit us on Twitter to get news and events updates, fun facts and learn more about who we are and what we do.  Our blog will cover everything from wheelchair related organizations to news stories, from stories you send us to new products we have available.

    More Ways to Engage with Van Products on Social Media

    These pages are most exciting to us as a potential forum for discussion, interaction and engagement between Van Products, the headquarters for the physically challenged, and the rest of the community- our customers and those whose lives physical impairment impacts.

    We see this as an opportunity to educate the social networking communities of what is available for those with mobility impairment. By using Facebook and Twitter as resources to connect, we can pass the word that there are great options available and wonderful opportunities to get involved.  Life is a moving experience, and also a social one, so Van Products is here to take part in both!

  • Welcome to the Van Products Blog

    Welcome to the Van Products blog, a place for the physically handicapped community to read about exciting events and activities happening in North Carolina’s mobility impaired community as well as learn about ways Van Products can help you be as mobile as possible!


    Helping You Be Mobile Everywhere

    At Van Products, our motto is “Life is a moving experience. Our products and services help you go anywhere, anytime,” and we are dedicated to bringing that to life, both on our blog and in our community.  We love to get involved in the community however we can- by sponsoring teams, filling the handicap seats at sporting events, supporting individuals who have achieved great things like Ms. Wheelchair America, or members of the U.S. Paracanoe national team.

    We also are committed to our customers and have made a promise to serve them the best way possible, by offering products that can mobilize their lives, providing customer service members who are knowledgeable and welcome questions, and bringing our products and services to you at home.

    We hope you’ll enjoy this blog as a place to learn about fun things going on in North Carolina, to share in exciting successes in the mobility impaired world, and to connect with other people of shared values and interests. Drop us a line or leave us a note if there is anything you want us to talk about in here, or check us out on Facebook and Twitter! We can’t wait to connect with you!

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