• Breaking Barriers for Disabled Females Around the World

    Recently, Aleksandra Chichikova, from Belarus, was announced as the winner of the Miss Wheelchair World.

    The increasingly popular wheelchair beauty pageant was held on October 8, 2017 in Warsaw, Poland.

    Other notable winners included:

    • I Vice Miss Wheelchair World 2017 – Lebohang Monyatsi (the Republic of South Africa)
    • II Vice Miss Wheelchair World 2017 – Adrianna Zawadzińska (Poland)
    • Miss Individuality 2017 – Oksana Kononets (Ukraine)
    • Miss Smile 2017 – Nadjet Meskine (France)
    • Miss Activity 2017 – María Díaz (Chile)
    • Miss Charm 2017 – Adrianna Zawadzińska (Poland)
    • Miss Miss Kindness 2017 – Vahen King (Canada)
    • Miss Lifestyle Designers 2017 – María Díaz (Chile)
    • Miss Foto 2017 – Adrianna Zawadzińska (Poland)
    • Miss Popularity 2017 – Rajalakshmi Shankar Janardhana Murthy (India)

    About Miss Wheelchair World

    Miss Wheelchair World is a project that was created with the goal of changing the image of disabled women throughout the world. It was organized by The Only One Foundation with a second purpose of showing that beautiful women who are wheelchair bound live throughout the world.

    The competition is a reminder not only that beauty comes in many different forms - but also that being wheelchair bound doesn't mean that you have to be constrained.

    Every  woman [in] a wheelchair has [a] right to be whoever she wants and to feel beautiful.


    About The Only One Foundation

    The Only One Foundation was founded by two disabled mothers who wanted to direct attention to the matters of women with disabilities.

    It is a project aimed at the integration of mothers with disabilities, creating pathways among moms who have disabilities to be able to communicate and share information as well as their experiences.

    As part of The Only One Foundation, there was an exhibition entitled, "Which One? The Only One!" showing disabled mothers together with their children to prove that their physical limitations weren't a barrier.

    Read more about The Only One Foundation here.

    Other Links to Miss Wheelchair World

    You can also view more information about the Miss Wheelchair World pageant below:

    Congratulations to all of the winners!

  • Wilmington Gets Visit from Miss Wheelchair NC

    madeline-delp-bwWhen Madeline Delp was just ten years old, she was in a vehicle that was struck by a truck, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. In spite of this, Madeline never let her disability stop her ability to succeed.

    Now, as Miss Wheelchair NC USA 2017, Madeline recently visited Wilmington, NC to speak at a medical conference.

    Adjusting to a New Reality

    In an interview with NBC affiliate, WECT, Madeline admitted to struggling with her 'new reality' before finally turning a corner during her teenage years. It was then that she decided to use her disability to help others who faced similar situations.

    How can I be that change in the world that I want to see? So I started to get this idea of…how can I change myself and how can I inspire others to do the same?

    Spreading Awareness About Disabilities

    Being wheelchair-bound hasn't slowed Madeline down in the least. Her current pursuits include traveling throughout the country, making public appearances and spreading her idea of “living boundless,” regardless of injury or condition.

    As part of her efforts to raise awareness about disabilities, Madeline is also in the process of filming, Live Boundless, a 24-part video series where Madeline teaches others how to live and thrive with their handicap.

    Madeline will return to Wilmington in next month to begin filming the series.

    [via WECT and UNCA]

  • VP's Seth Frankoff To Play for Chicago Cubs

    We would like to congratulate former Van Products employee, Seth Frankoff, on being called up to play for the Chicago Cubs!

    After playing for West Raleigh, Apex High School, and UNC Wilmington, Seth has finally realized his dream of being a major league pitcher!

    From all of us at Van Products, we'd like to congratulate Seth and wish him the best of luck as in his baseball career.

    Read more about this major announcement here.



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