national scleroderma month

  • 5 Facts About Scleroderma

    June is National Scleroderma Month.

    Also known as systemic sclerosis, the Scleroderma Foundation describes scleroderma as a chronic connective tissue disease generally classified as a type of autoimmune rheumatic disease.

    Following are some of the facts about scleroderma.

    5 Facts About Scleroderma

    #1 - Scleroderma is not contagious.

    You cannot “catch” scleroderma. Also, it is not infectious, cancerous, or malignant.

    #2 – Scleroderma symptoms vary.

    Two people who have scleroderma may have two completely different sets of symptoms. The effects of scleroderma vary widely and can range from mild to life threatening.

    #3 – Diagnosing Scleroderma is difficult

    Because its symptoms present similarly to other autoimmune diseases, it is often difficult to properly diagnose scleroderma

    #4 – There is no known cause.

    Currently, the exact cause(s) of scleroderma is largely unknown. However, researchers are hard at work to make a determination.

    #5 – It affects more women than men

    According to the Mayo Clinic, scleroderma women are affected by scleroderma more often than men with diagnoses most commonly occurring between the ages of 30 and 50.

    For additional information about scleroderma, take a look at the following resources.


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