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  • 3 Tips for Aging Healthier, Smarter

    When most people think of getting older, they think of brittle bones, broken hips, medications and other health problems. However, this doesn't have to be the case! There are several preventive measures you can take to help you lead a healthier life as you get older.

    3 Tips for Better Mobility and Health While Aging

    #1 - Exercise regularly.

    It's a saying that we've all heard by now, and it's held true for years because it's true!

    As you age, your strength, coordination and balance naturally decreases. Getting regular exercise and incorporating strength training into your exercise routine a few times per week can greatly reduce your chances of losing coordination and fitness as you get older. Thus, regular physical fitness can keep you stronger and healthier well into old age - helping prevent accidents and unnecessary trips to the doctor.

    #2 - Clean up around the house.

    One of the top ways that older adults become injured is due to falls within or around the home. Decrease the clutter, and decrease your chances for a nasty spill.

    Most commonly, objects on the floor cause people to trip and fall. Also consider poor lighting, loose cords, toilet height, shower support bars, outdoor railings, and step height. Look around your home for potential hazards, and safeguard your living space to keep yourself and others safe.

    #3 - Know the effects of prescribed medication.

    As you get older, it may be necessary to take prescribed medication. If you or someone you are a caregiver to takes prescribed medication, know the side effects. For example, some medication may have different effects on men versus women. It may cause drowsiness or lack of coordination.

    Always consult with your health care provider to know what the potential side effects are.

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  • Activity, Accessible Cabs, Playgrounds: Handicap News and Resources

    Activities of Daily Living for Elderly and Handicap ADLs is a term used in healthcare circles to refer to daily self-care activities within an individual’s place of residence, in outdoor environments, or both. The inability to perform ADLs is all too common for millions of people worldwide and this article explains how mobility aids can ease the frustration. D.C gets wheelchair accessible cabs What started as a pilot project, called ''Roll D.C.'' is now a major leader in accessibility reform. Yellow Cab and Royal Cab have launched 20 full-service wheelchair accessible taxis with specially trained drivers in the D.C area. Minnehaha Falls Park to get universal access playground Falls 4 All, a volunteer group, is raising money to enhance accessibility of planned playground improvements at Wabun Picnic Area in Minnehaha Park. The goal is to build the first universally accessible playground facility in the Minneapolis Park System.

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