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  • Benefits of Organizing Your Van for Business

    Being organized can pay dividends - especially if you own or use a commercial upfit. Most contractors know the importance of staying organized- whether they're at their home base or on the road. It can become very easy to get sidetracked when you're juggling appointments, clients, paperwork, tools, and other equipment.


    Benefits of Commercial Upfits

    Having a vehicle that has been commercially upfitted can be extremely beneficial to any business - from carpenters to rug doctors, to flooring salesmen, plumbers, and more. For many of these businesses, their employees are on the road 90 percent of the time. Take a look at some of the benefits of having an organized, mobile workspace:

    #1 - Your vehicle becomes your showroom.

    For some contractors who are on the road, their vehicle IS the showroom. Take flooring experts. They often bring samples of different flooring to clients' homes so that they may show them how a certain type of floor would look in their house. In some cases (depending on the size of the vehicle), they may actually recreate a small, living space to give the full effect!

    Having drawers, panels, and adjustable shelving is a must!

    #2 - You have a lot of tools.

    For people like plumbers - you don't have time to "run back to the office" to grab a tool that you forgot - especially if it's an emergency. Plumbers who show up to someone's home because their toilet is flooding the top floor of their house need to have the tools and equipment necessary to fix the problem, and they need that tool FAST.

    Having an organized van/vehicle where you can quickly refer to a drawer or shelf for an item is a must.

    #3 - You have bulky, heavy, or expensive equipment.

    For people like carpenters, organization is key - but so is having the space and the type of accommodations that will comfortably house and transport the type of heavy and/or expensive equipment needed to get the job done. Take roofers, for example. Their vehicles need to be able to carry long ladders, drills, and other equipment that help them do their job.

    Having a place for all of your items is important. You may need ladder racks that are adjustable for different sized ladders, or you may need shelving with drawers that allow you to house different sized nails and drill bits.

    Commercial upfits can do all of this and more.

    #4 - You want to keep track of your inventory.

    Believe it or not, being organized (especially when you're on the road a lot) can really help you keep track of all your inventory. Being able to manage your inventory effectively is an important part of making sure that all of your tools and equipment are accounted for and are in good working order.

    #5 - You want to look professional.

    Would you want to do business with someone who shows up to your home in an unmarked, beaten up van? Or, would you prefer to do business with someone who pulls up in a clean, well organized van with their company logo on the side?

    Looks are important, and being organized is a huge part of that.

    Commercial Upfits & Your Safety

    One of the most important benefits of commercial upfits is the safety it offers. A well-organized van/truck is also a SAFE vehicle. Image the kind of damage and danger you might be putting yourself (and other motorists) in by having loose tools in the back of your van. In the event of an accident or a sudden stop, unsecured equipment can move around and become dangerous objects that can damage your other tools/equipment or even other people.

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Commercial Upfit Safer

    Having a commercial vehicle has its advantages. You have plenty of room to organize all of your tools, paperwork, and equipment. If you're in the market of selling a service, a vehicle that has been commercially upfitted allows you to travel easily to customers and prospects to show them exactly what you're selling, making it more convenient for them.

    However, traveling safely (especially when you're traveling with quite a bit of expensive equipment) is important. The following are some safety tips to keep in mind.


    5 Tips for Traveling Safer

    #1 - Make sure everything is properly secured.

    There's a reason why commercial upfits come with custom shelving, adjustable racks, drawers, and more. However, it is a moot point if you don't do your own due diligence to make sure that everything is properly secured.

    #2 - Always leave your vehicle locked.

    Even if you're in what you think is a safe neighborhood, the last thing you want is someone (or something) getting into your vehicle. Be diligent about keeping doors locked, items out of view, and windows rolled up.

    #3 - Be sure your tires are in good, working condition.

    Tires are one of the most important parts of your safety on the road. Especially if you're mobile, you'll want to make sure that there is plenty of tread on your tires. Be on the lookout for underinflated tires as well.

    #4 - Be aware of noise in your commercial upfit.

    Believe it or not, it is important to reduce any noise coming from your commercial upfit as a way to improve your safety on the road. Noises can be distracting, and it can cause you to not hear other things that are happening outside of your vehicle. Many commercial upfits have a separate cabin that doesn't allow you to look behind you as easily to see what the traffic is doing. Therefore, take steps to be sure that all of your tools and equipment are secure, and consider installing sound-deadening panels to help quiet the ride.

    #5 - Check your exhaust system.

    One of the first places you may notice trouble in any vehicle is from the exhaust system. Be sure to keep up with oil changes, and regular tune-ups to help maintain a safe, quiet ride!

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