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  • Van Products & BraunAbility at Life Rolls On Event at Carolina Beach

    On August 5, 2017, Van Products joined BraunAbility at Carolina Beach for the Life Rolls On - They Will Surf Again event.

    Life Rolls On - They Will Surf Again

    Founded by world champion quadriplegic surfer and motivational speaker, Jesse Billauer, They Will Surf Again is a quality of life program that empowers people living with paralysis to surf and paddle board the waves - in spite of their physical challenges.

    Over the years, this Life Rolls On event has grown. It now boasts ten events coast to coast and attracts people of all abilities from around the world. Participation is FREE and is made possible by the generosity of private donors, fundraising efforts, and sponsors, like BraunAbility.

    “We have a great synergy between Life Rolls On and BraunAbility. Our mission and goal is the same - of getting people out into the world to be able to enjoy their life more," said Billauer.

    BraunAbility MXV Wheelchair SUV

    Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Make a Difference

    Often, able-bodied people don't realize the true value of being able to do things independently - whether it's just getting up to use the bathroom or walking into the kitchen to grab a snack from the fridge. For those who have been directly impacted by mobility challenges and physical limitations, independence matters, and having a wheelchair accessible SUV, like the BraunAbility MXV makes a difference. Billauer explains:

    I never thought that I’d be able to drive a vehicle just myself. I thought I was always going to have to depend on other people. When that’s taken from you - you know - when you’re paralyzed or have a disability, you just can’t imagine just getting that back. It’s a moment that you’ll never ever forget.

    What does freedom of mobility look like to you? To those you love? At Van Products, we take great pride in partnering with BraunAbility to provide our customers with high quality wheelchair-accessible vehicles, mobility products and accessories to help them regain their freedom of mobility. We invite you to stop by our storefront location(s) in Raleigh, NC and Wilmington, NC, or give our mobility specialists a call.

    Visit the Van Products Facebook page to view pictures from the Life Rolls On event. Visit the Van Products website for additional information on wheelchair accessible SUVs, like the BraunAbility MXV!

    BraunAbility and Life Rolls On Partnership

    Check out the following video to learn more about the partnership between BraunAbility and Life Rolls On and how they're partnering to bring hope beyond paralysis to wheelchair users around the world.

    About Life Rolls On

    Founded by world champion quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer, Life Rolls On is dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury.

    Believing that adaptive surfing and skating could inspire infinite possibilities beyond paralysis. Life Rolls On began as a splash into the unknown on September 11, 2001; achieved 501c3 nonprofit status in 2002; and now touches the lives of hundreds of thousands.

    Learn more.

  • Greenville, SC Now Has More Choices for Adaptive Sports

    Today, there are more options than ever for those who have physical disabilities to engage in sports and other recreational activities.

    One woman in particular, Luann Bannister, was recently featured on Greenville Online. Having suffered a severed spinal cord as the result of a car accident, the Greenville, SC native struggled to find athletic opportunities for people in wheelchairs. Bannister's story isn't uncommon, and neither is the outcome.

    The Growth of Adaptive Sports in the U.S.

    Today, there are countless adaptive sports organizations, team, and athletes throughout the United States as well as the rest of the world. In Greenville, SC, the adaptive sports offered to wheelchair users is growing, thanks, in part, to Bannister. Not only did Bannister learn to play adaptive sled hockey, she is also leading the adaptive sled hockey program, which is designed to expand the recreational activities offered to people with disabilities in the Greenville, SC area.

    The adaptive sled hockey program is being offered through the Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital, thanks to a grant from the South Carolina Development Disabilities Council.

    Breaking Barriers,  Moving Beyond the Disability

    Bannister's story is just one inspiring example to show how physical disabilities are no longer preventing people from moving ahead with their lives. Part of the program that Bannister leads involves having therapists meet with disabled people at the hospital to help them pick the sports or activities that interest them most. Then, together, they make a plan to move beyond their disability and become more engaged in the community doing something that they enjoy.

    Recreation therapist and project coordinator at Roger Peace Rehabilitation Hospital, Kristen Caldwell cited the importance as well as the impact of sports in the lives of those faced with physical disabilities:

    "Often ... they're sitting at home and bored, lonely, isolated or depressed. We want them to be out doing meaningful, fun things. We want to make sure we're getting people active and engaged in their communities."

    Some of the sports options currently offered include activities such as: cycling, hockey, basketball, and kayaking. Still, even more sports and recreation activities are being planned for 2016.

    [via GreenvilleOnline]

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